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The Empyrean Chronicles: Descent

The Empyrean Chronicles: Descent

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Publication Date: July 29th, 2022
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Welcome to the beginning.

The Empyrean Chronicles: Descent, explores the origins of the Universe. Before time and space, Empyreans (beings of unconditional love and light) existed in perfect balance. Using striking, fantastical lands and beings, Descent shows us where life began and where we come from. It explores the seeds of doubt and confusion infused by energies unknown. Is there truly "Good" or "Bad", or are they just complex, misunderstood perceptions?

Skyla is the living embodiment of Love. Born to the planet Ubiquita as a Cadrah, humanoid of daylight, she struggles to understand all of the changes brought to her and her people by the alien energy known to them as The Shard. If Ubiquita and the elemental origin planets are the only things that exist, where did it come from? What is its purpose?

When Skyla's bonded, soul partner Dacien (Day-shen) is compromised by the Shard's energy, along with many of the other Empyreans, she must fight to find these answers, while the Shard energy ravages and destroys everything they know. How can she save the planets and all that she loves, when she and everyone around her are plagued with hardships and emotions never experienced? Could this energy be the key to the creation of our Universe? With this much chaos and shock, can love truly conquer all?

The answers to life begin here.